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A static library of object code in UNIX/Linux that can be used by the link editor to create an executable program.
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an extension given to application bundles on Mac OS X.
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Cookie generated by remote server that identifies the user and allows authentication to the server. The contents of the cookie is signed and encrypted.
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A (typically short) shell script, executed when a bash user logs on.
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the format used by the Java Virtual Machine.
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refers to the CTF file format of Eclipse TraceCompass. Not to be confused with [ctf]
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commonly used to define a typescript declaration file containing definitions for properties and functions. This gives the benefit to an IDE allowing it to provide intellisense and proper erro…
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A file extension for word processing documents; most commonly for Microsoft Word.
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Enhanced Windows MetaFile format (EMF)
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The .git folder contains all the information related to the project's Git version control history and metadata.
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`.git/info/grafts` lets you preserve git history between different repositories by enabling two otherwise different lines of development to be joined together.
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Mercurial metadata file that stores hashes of tagged commits in a Mercurial repository.
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Directory-level configuration file used by Apache web servers. Use this tag if and only if .htaccess content is directly involved in the topic. We know many people are using .htaccess, but kindly ask …
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a flat-file used to store usernames and password for basic authentication of Apache HTTP Server.
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an image file format for computer icons in Microsoft Windows.
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standard extension for static libraries under Microsoft operation systems.
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File format that synchronizes song lyrics with an audio file, such as MP3, Vorbis or MIDI. When an audio file is played with audio players, the song lyrics are displayed. The lyrics file generally has…
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a top-level domain (TLD) in the DNS of the Internet. Its name is derived from the adjective mobile, indicating its use by mobile devices for accessing Internet resources via the Mobile Web.
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the file extension for QuickTime movies.