The power of Stack Overflow inside your enterprise.

With Stack Overflow Enterprise, get your own secure standalone Q&A community, with flexible hosting options. Build your own technical knowledge-sharing repository using the same software that runs Stack Overflow with help and support from our internal experts who have over 10 years of community-building experience.

  • Your own completely standalone Stack Overflow instance with unlimited Teams
  • Host anywhere
  • Single sign-on: AD, SAML
  • Dedicated community development and support team
  • 99.5% uptime SLA & priority support
  • Robust Read/Write API
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We don’t have questions that are unanswered more than a couple minutes. It just doesn’t happen. The user adoption and engagement with the platform has been very impressive.

Tyler McDougall, Development Team Lead
NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory
Flexible hosting

Host how and where you need

With Enterprise, you’re getting the same Stack Overflow experience no matter where you host—whether it’s in the cloud or on premises.

On Premises

Host your completely standalone instance on premises at your organization or in your private cloud infrastructure.

Isolated Single Tenant Data Model

Host your site in a dedicated and isolated instance with our cloud provider, Microsoft Azure.


Security and privacy you can trust

Behind the Firewall

Limit access to your site to users on your network only

End-to-end Encryption

Data is encrypted at-rest in the database and in transit using your own certificate.

Segment information through Private Teams

Use Private Teams to segment information so it’s only visible to a subset of your developers.

Community building and development

White glove service, customized for each organization

You’re not just buying software, you’re building a community—we’re here for you every step of the way with our experience and expertise to ensure your community thrives and grows.

Improve efficiency and ship better code

There’s a reason the world’s largest developer teams rely on Stack Overflow Enterprise—it leads to better product and allows distributed teams to securely collaborate and share knowledge.

Scale onboarding and new employee ramp up

With Stack Overflow, new employees get immediate access to the entire organization’s knowledge in a searchable format that’s easy to understand.

Maintain a knowledge base across different teams

Retain and store institutional knowledge across teams within your company, giving your developers a way to easily access critical information no matter where in the world they are.

Fortune 500 leaders use Stack Overflow Enterprise to make their teams more efficient

30% reduction in support tickets

A Fortune 100 multinational technology company with a growing engineering team deployed Stack Overflow Enterprise for their developer tools customer success department. They realized a 30% reduction in support emails and a 20% reduction in repeat support tickets.

20% head start on coding projects

A Fortune 200 financial services company deployed Stack Overflow Enterprise for its Digital Product Management group. They were able to start projects at 20% complete instead of 0% complete, and became the innovation leader in their industry.

20% increase in support efficiency

A cutting-edge technology company used Stack Overflow Enterprise to provide high-quality, searchable answers to frequently asked questions, and achieved a 20% increase in overall efficiency.

20+ people hours saved per month

A Fortune 200 financial services company transformed their support processes from a time-consuming person-to-person model to one that made Stack Overflow Enterprise the first stop for getting help. This saved them 20+ people hours per month and centralized critical systems information.